St Andrews Article verðlaunin

The St Andrews Article Prize has been awarded for a publication deriving from the ICECHANGE project. The article is titled: Iceland, Greenland, and the New Human Condition: A case study in integrated environmental humanities, which appeared in Global and Planetary Change Vol 156 in Sept 2017. The authors of the paper are: Steven Hartman (Visiting Professor at Mälardalen University and Senior Affiliate Scientist at SAI); Astrid Ogilvie (Senior Scientist at SAI); Jón Haukur Ingimundarson (Senior Scientist at SAI) as well as Andrew Dugmore (University of Edinburgh); George Hambrecht (University of Maryland); and Thomas McGovern (City University of New York).

The paper is also referred to in an article in "The Conversation" on "Why Science Needs the Humanities to Solve Climate Change" see here

The prize was awarded on Saturday 24 August at the closing ceremony of the biennial conference of the European Society for Environmental History in Tallinn, Estonia. The award ceremony took place at Maarjamäe Palace, which is also the site of the Estonian National History Museum. The prize was received by Steven Hartman and Astrid Ogilvie. The article is based on close international cooperation and is highly interdisciplinary, bringing together expertise from the disciplines of literary studies, historical climatology, geosciences, environmental anthropology, archaeology and environmental humanities.

The short laudatory award speech of the prize committee chairperson, Dr Martin Schmid of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, may be seen here. The citation for the award begins at the 1 min, 35 second mark.

Further information about the St Andrews Article Prize, which is awarded once every two years, may be found on the website of the European Society for Environmental History.