Aðalfundur í ARCPATH verkefninu 2018

Twenty-six team members and invitees from the Nordic Centre of Excellence project Arctic Climate Predictions - Pathways to Resilient, Sustainable Societies (ARCPATH) met at the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre (NERSC) in Bergen, Norway during 6-7 September 2018 for the annual project meeting. The meeting was organised by: Yongqi Gao (ARCPATH leader, NERSC); Astrid Ogilvie (ARCPATH co-leader, SAI); and Kjetil Lygre, Project Manager at NERSC. The meeting was also attended by Kyösti Lempa, Senior Adviser, representing NordForsk, and by two members of ARCPATH´s own Advisory Board, Lawrence C. Hamilton, Professor of Sociology at the University of New Hampshire, USA and Dr Burkhardt Rockel of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Institute for Coastal Research, Germany. Welcoming remarks were given by Dr Sebastian H. Mernild, Managing Director of NERSC: The meeting was opened by Yongqi Gao and Astrid Ogilvie with a reminder of ARCPATH goals.

In the spirit of synergy and synthesis, the annual meeting theme was "Back to basics and Goals for the Future". ARCPATH is a highly interdisciplinary project and, as well as considering all-important future goals, team members sought to explain basic elements of their different disciplines to each other. A list of the main presentations is given below (in the order in which they were given.)

Kyösti Lempa: NordForsk perspectives on ARCPATH; Astrid Ogilvie: Back to Basics: Historical Climate Research; Nour-Eddine Omrani: Simulated multi-decadal climate variations in the Atlantic-Arctic Sector; Torben Koenig: Fundamentals of Climate Modelling; Noel Keenlyside:Introduction to WP2; Madlen Kimmritz: How to Improve Sea Ice Prediction Using Sea-Ice Observations; Tian Tian: Development of the EC-Earth decadal prediction system in ARCPATH; Fumiaki Ogawa: Drivers of the North-Canadian and Greenland Decadal Warming Trends; Torben Koenigk: Results and Plans for WP3; Marianne Rasmussen and Níels Einarsson: Introductory Remarks: Status and Goals for WP4; Olli Loisa: Distribution and Abundance of Small Cetaceans in Skjálfandi Bay and Eyjafjörður, Northern Iceland; Anniken Førde: Whalefeast: The Urge for New Knowledge Dialogues; Brynhildur Daviðsdóttir, David Cook and Laura Malinauskaite: One Year In: Valuing Arctic Ecosystem Services; Níels Einarsson: Introductory Remarks: Status and Goals for WP5; Catherine Chambers: Fisheries Governance and the Contribution of Social Science: Reflections on Basics; Guest Lecture: Larry Hamilton: Demographic Variations and Change in the Inuit Arctic; Guest Lecture: Burkhardt Rockel: Basic Concepts in Dynamical Downscaling; Kjetil Lygre: WP 7 Project management (including status, key numbers, deliveries, milestones, outreach, links to other projects).

In addition to the individual presentations, a group discussion took place on synthesis and future goals and collaboration between different project elements. A further group discussion regarding ARCPATH´s annual report for 2017 and comments from the NordForsk Scientific Advisory Board was moderated by Professor Hamilton. Reports on activities included a video film from the successful ARCPATH Summer School Climate Teleconnections and Predictions: Past, Present and Future held in Norheimsund, Norway, from 30 June to 6 July 2018 and attended by 33 students. SAI´s Astrid Ogilvie gave two lectures to the School.