Completed Projects

REXSAC: Resource Extraction and Sustainable Arctic Communities (2016-2020)

An interdisciplinary Center of Excellence with partners in all Nordic countries, including Greenland and reaching out to Canada and Russia as well. The aim of REXSAC is to contribute to practices and processes that ensure the sustainability of Arctic communities in a rapidly changing social, political, cultural, and ecological environment. 


ARCPATH: Arctic Climate Predictions: Pathways to Resilient, Sustainable Societies


The ARCPATH project sought to combine improved regional climate predictions with an enhanced understanding of environmental, societal, and economic interactions in order to supply new knowledge on Arctic "pathways to action".



MYSEAC: The Mývatn District of Iceland: Sustainability, Environment and Change ca. AD 1700 to 1950 (2016-2018)

The primary objective of the project was to investigate the management and utilization of vegetation, haymaking and grazing in Mývatn (the administrative community of Skútustaðahreppur, also referred to as Mývatnssveit, or, in English, the Lake Mývatn area or Mývatn district) during the period 1700-1950. Relevant supporting and comparative material from adjacent regions were also included.

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ICECHANGE: Reflections of Change: The Natural World in Literary and Historical Sources from Iceland ca. AD 800 to 1800  (2017-2020)

ICECHANGE undertook a systematic analysis of descriptions of the natural world drawn from the literature and history of Iceland for the period ca. AD 800-1800. 


FISHERNET - Fishing Cultural Heritage Network (2008-2010)

The Fishernet Project was launched in September of 2008 with the objective of preserving, disseminating and utilising cultural heritage connected with sea-farers, environmental knowledge and the unique culture of fishing communities. Key participants are from the autonomous community of Galicia in Spain, the project leaders; Iceland; Norway; The Orkney Islands north of Scotland; Bulgaria; and Cyprus.