A guest researcher at Stefansson Arctic Institute

For the last few weeks Dr Ramona Harrison has been a guest researcher at our office. Harrison is an associate Professor in Archaeological Methods with focus on Zooarchaeology at the department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion at the University of Bergen

 Dr. Harrison is an environmental archaeologist who specializes in Zooarchaeology to study past human and environmental interactions by means of midden research and cultural landscape analysis. As member of NABO (North Atlantic Biocultural Organization) she has a longstanding research interest in Iceland, with special focus on multi-scalar, long-term Eyjafjörður socio-cultural structures and human-environment interactions.

Usually situated at University of Bergen, but currently spending part of her research sabbatical at the Stéfansson Arctic Institute, Dr. Harrison can focus on reading the research landscape and learning from and collaborating with colleagues at and outside the Stéfansson Arctic Institute while working on several research publications.

Dr. Harrison is preparing for the first out of three fieldwork seasons as part of the Rannís-funded Two Valleys Project (Power, Wealth and Pandemic in Two Valleys: Svarfaðardalur, Hörgárdalur and their hinterlands ca. AD 870–1500). She and Árni Daníel Júlíússon (HÍ and ASI) are the Main PIs of this interdisciplinary study into the long-term Svarfaðardalur and Hörgárdalur hierarchy and settlement dynamics.