AHDR Chapters

BluDot Cover (PowerPoint)
 Foreword, Preface, Acknowledgements, Contents and Summary of Major Findings
Part I: Orientation  
BluDot Chapter 1: Introduction: Human Development in the Arctic  Oran R. Young and Níels Einarsson
BluDot Chapter 2: Arctic Demography  Dmitry Bogoyavlensky and Andy Siggner

Part II:  Core Systems
BluDot Chapter 3: Societies and Cultures: Change and Persistence  Yvon Csonka and Peter Schweitzer
BluDot Chapter 4: Economic Systems  Gérard Duhaime
BluDot Chapter 5: Political Systems  Else Grete Broderstad and Jens Dahl
BluDot Chapter 6: Legal Systems  Nigel Bankes

Part III: Crosscutting Themes
BluDot Chapter 7: Resource Governance  Richard A. Caulfield
BluDot Chapter 8: Community Viability  Nils Aarsæther, Larissa Riabova and Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt
BluDot Chapter 9: Human Health and Well-being  Carl M. Hild and Vigdis Stordahl
BluDot Chapter 10: Education  Gunilla Johansson, Chris Paci and Sylvi Stenersen Hovdenak
BluDot Chapter 11: Gender Issues 

 Karla Jessen Williamson, Gunhild Hoogensen, Ann Therese Lotherington,  Lawrence H. Hamilton, Sarah Savage, Natalia Koukarenko, Marina Kalinina, Ingunn Limstrand, Marit Stemland, Stephanie Irbacher Fox, Joanna Kafarowski, Lindis Sloan and Mariekathrine Poppel

BluDot Chapter 12: Circumpolar International Relations and Geopolitics  Lassi Heininen

Part IV: Conclusion
BluDot Chapter 13: A Human Development Agenda for the Arctic: Major Findings and Emerging Issues  Oran R. Young and Níels Einarsson